Dialysis Diet Differences

What food patients should pay attention to when under dialysis? In this passage, we will introduce for you in detail.

Firstly, the total amount of water intake every day should be the amount of urine plus 500ml. Here, the amount we take in includes the juice and other drinks we take in.

Secondly, patients who have high blood pressure and retention of water and sodium should avoid food such as salted vegetables, cans, salted snacks, and so on.

Thirdly, patients who are under dialysis should also choose good quality proteins, which can produce less nitrogen. Such protein can supply enough amino acid, which is essential for the body. Milk, egg white and lean meat contain good protein.

Fourthly, patients should avoid food which is rich in phosphorus such as animal’s organs, peanuts, snacks, dried fish, kelp, cheese, and so on.