Sino-American Seminar, Milestone of Kidney Disease Treatment


Sino-America Seminar will be hold in Eastern Greenland Hospital on 27 and 28, March, 2012, which is aimed at discussing the current medical condition especially in kidney disease and Diabetes both in America and China.


The participants on that day are expert delegation from America: Pro. Andrew S. Pumerantz, Dr.Rucha Mehta, and Dr. Edward V. Barnes. Three American experts will come to give lectures and hold a consultation in our hospital these days! Experts in Eastern Greenland Hospital such as Pro. Hongyin, Shan, Pro. Lingzhi, Zhang, and so on will also attend the seminar.

Conference hall:

This seminar will last for at least two days. And the hall lies in the academy hall of Eastern Greenland Hospital. On the first day, reporters in Shanghai from several presses will come here to have a report. In addition, specialists from other famous hospitals in China will also be invited to take part in the research. What��s more, leader in Shijiazhuang Health Ministry will also attend this conference to welcome specialists far from America.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in China

China is a country where there is a large number of people suffering from kidney disease. Generally, it is reported that one of ten people will suffer from kidney disease in China.As we know, kidney disease is a chronic disease, which in some cases is even refractory. Among them, quite a few are primary ones, which means that we even can not find out the reasons why some people get chronic kidney disease. Every year, patients with renal failure will spend a large expense on dialysis, and so on, which also give patients sufferings and influence their normal life and work. So curing kidney disease, saving patients is an honorable and glorious mission in medical doctors.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in America:

In America, 11% of people aging more than 40 are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). ESRD patients in America take up 1.0%, but the medical expense of them accounts for 7.0% of all the medical cost in America. In addition, the expense of CKD and uremia in America takes up24.0% of the whole budget of medical field.


Accordingly, the Sino-American Seminar in Eastern Greenland Hospital, the mission of which is to discuss the treatment method both in China and America. We hope that, after the seminar, we can find a combination method which can both inherit Chinese medicine and western medicine. Chinese medicine has a long history, which can date back to more than 2000 years ago, the principle of which is to treat a disease fundamentally. Western medicine also has many advantages as well, which can relieve symptoms rapidly such as inflammation and high blood pressure. We strongly believe that this seminar will be a milestone of kidney disease treating.