How to Treat Puffy Face caused by Kidney Problems

How to treat puffy face caused by kidney problem? Puffy face is a typical and obvious symptom for patients with kidney disease. Usually, edema or swelling usually takes place in face and lower limbs for patients with kidney problems. To understand how to treat puffy face, firstly, we should know why there is puffy face or the mechanism of it, which is quite common in nephrotic syndrome patients in particular.

In kidney disease, the increased permeability of renal glomerular basilar membrane makes a large amount of protein leak out in urine, which leads to the decreased density of protein in plasma. The osmotic pressure in plasma declines, so liquid flows and edema comes into being. accordingly, puffy face appears.

How to treat puffy face caused by kidney problem? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be the priority. Due to the deposition of immune complex and other factors, the renal glomerular filtration barrier is damaged, which leads to puffy face and so on. Micro-Chinese Medicine can extend all levels of renal arteries, improve the blood circulation and blood supply, which lays foundation for the repair of renal glomerular filtration barrier. After it is repaired, the retention of water and sodium will be relieved, the edema will disappear. Puffy face will disappear accordingly.

At present, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has become part of immunotherapy, which is the unique therapy in Eastern Greenland Hospital and can be divided into 6 steps. Compared with western medicine, it has no side effects and can prevent the kidney disease recurring. For more information, please consult us online or email us.