The Best Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

After seeing doctors here and there, patients with chronic kidney disease are seeking a better treatment considering both effective treatment and preventing the recurrence. Western medicine develops these years but there are still adverse effects. Chinese traditional medicine has little side effects also achieves big breakthrough in recent years, however, the speed is slow. Inheriting both the advantages and omitting their disadvantages, experts in Eastern Greenland Hospital researched immunotherapy, which is also on the basis that most kidney diseases are caused by immune problem. Immunotherapy can be divided into 6 steps, which are: scientific immune diagnosis, immune clearance, immune inhibition, immune tolerance, immune adjustment and immune protection.

As we mentioned above, the deposition of immune complex deposit onto the kidney, which leads to a series of excessive immune reaction, thus causing kidney disease.

The reason why immune complex deposits onto the kidney is that the immune system is out of order. So from the above, we can get a conclusion that we should focus on the clearance of the immune complex and the repair of the immune system. The detailed explanation of immunotherapy is as follows:

1. immune diagnosis

Firstly, we should have a systematic diagnosis on about where the immune complex deposit exactly, the amount of immune complex and the exact type of immune response so that doctors can get more scientific diagnosis and arrange better treatment.

2. immune clearance

Secondly, patients with kidney disease should clear away the immune complex in the blood, which can supply a cleaner inner environment for the treatment of kidney disease. In this step, immune complex which exists in blood can be cleared.

3. immune inhibition

The third one is immune inhibition. There is immune complex deposit onto kidney, which leads to immune response as well. In this case, we use medicine which can stop the excessive immune response, thus stopping the inflammation response at a rapid speed.

4. immune tolerance

The fourth one is immune tolerance. After immune inhibition, the immune response can be stopped. And the damage to the kidney can be blocked. However, the immune complex still deposit onto the kidney, which leads to a new series of immune response.

5. immune adjustment

The fifth one is immune adjustment. In this step, Chinese medicines are applied, which can improve the blood circulation, including micro-blood circulation and dissolve the blood stasis. In this case, the immune complex can be discharged out, and the immune system can be repaired. Note that blood purification such as dialysis can not achieve this.

6. immune protection

The six one is immune protection, in which stage, we use medicine which can nourish qi and blood to rebuild the intrinsic immune system. In addition, biochemical cell therapy is also used in clinic such as the transplant of stem cell, which can also help achieve this effect.

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