How Long Can You Maintain CKD Stage 3

Chronic kidney disease, which is short for CKD can be divided into five stages according to glomerular filtration rate, which can be called GFR for short. Stage 3 is a critical stage, which means that as long as patients receive effective and timely treatment, patients can be reversible. On the other hand, if they delay the treatment, the prognosis will not be good.


Once there is damage in kidney, there are generally three kinds of cells: healthy one, damaged one and even necrotic ones. In different stage, the ratio or proportion among them is different. If patients with stage 3 of chronic kidney disease can not control and treat it well, there will be more damaged ones and even necrotic ones. In this case, patients may develop into renal failure and even end-stage renal failure: uremia stage.


Since that there are damaged cells and necrotic cells, we should focus on the repair of the damaged ones and the differentiation of the necrotic ones. we mainly use Micro-Chinese Medicine. The mechanism of it goes as follows: anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, extending blood vessels, degrading, etc, which are used to block the renal fibrosis, repair the damaged intrinsic cells, and rebuild the normal renal function. Firstly, after Micro-Chinese Medicine enters the body, it will promote blood circulation and dissolve the stasis, which can improve the micro-circulation of the kidney. Secondly, it can clear the stasis, and waste things such as immune complex can be out of the body together with urine, which reduce the burden of the kidney. Thirdly, after the first steps, the inner environment can be clearer than before. Then the effective materials in Micro-Chinese Medicine will repair the damaged intrinsic cells for it contains nutritious materials.